5 Things To Do After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver

Getting in a car accident is a really bad situation to be in; but it’s even worse if the other driver is drunk or otherwise impaired.


Here are some ways to tell if someone has had too much to drink:

A Flushed Face

One of the first signs of having been drinking too much is simply that it will give many people a flushed face.

Acting Out of the Ordinary

Before a person is completely drunk, they will often act “tipsy” or “buzzed.” In other words, they are showing some signs of inebriation without being full-on intoxicated. These signs of acting out could be talking too loudly, acting overly flirty (in situations where it is inappropriate) or just acting strangely.


Losing Control of One’s Emotions

The next higher step to just being buzzed, is that you’ll start to see a person lose control of their emotions. This is a strong sign that the person has had too much to drink and is well on their way to being completely drunk. The person might be overly emotional and crying at nothing or laughing uncontrollably when the situation really isn’t that funny.



Strong emotions that you don’t want to run into is someone who has had too much to drink – they can be overly aggressive. Drunks are known to pick fights or be aggressive, so watch out for this dangerous sign of intoxication.


Lack of Motor Control

One of the most advanced signs of drunkenness is that the person will lose control over their coordination and motor control. This is known as the “sloppy drunk”. They might fall down and run into other people and/or physical obstacles.


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.





You might wonder what you should do if you ever face this type of situation and get into an accident.  We’ve got you covered.  Use these tips if you get into an accident and someone is slurring their words or appears to be “out of it”, in any way.


Here are five things to do right after being hit by a drunk driver:


  1. Call the Police


Call the police as soon as you are able to do so. You have to involve the authorities and, in a drunk driving accident, the sooner the better. Not only will this make the process of paperwork with your insurance company much smoother but also it will help your attorney win the case, should you need to go to court.



  1. Don’t Deal with the Drunk Driver


This might seem like another piece of common sense but, remember, following an accident, you will have your adrenaline coursing through you and it might not be the best time to make rational decisions. On top of that, you know the other person, the one who is drunk, is definitely not capable of making rational decisions. Don’t risk further danger and injury to yourself.  Let the authorities deal with the driver when they arrive. Trust us, you’ll be glad when they arrive and you’ll be even happier that you didn’t deal with the driver that caused the accident.



  1. Take Pictures


Taking pictures at the scene – as well as documenting anything else you can – helps insure that things go your way in the courtroom and that there is no ambiguity surrounding the accident.



  1. See Medical Professionals


Even if you don’t feel like anything is wrong, you need to see a medical professional to make sure that there isn’t something you can’t see that might cause you serious impairment or even sudden death. Accidents are complex situations and the injuries sustained during them can be more than meets the eye.



  1. Talk to an Attorney


An attorney will help you prepare for court and will protect you against having your rights violated. No matter how clear cut the situation might seem, you need a legal professional to carry the burden for you in a courtroom and make sure you get what you deserve.



Those are the five most important things that you should do immediately following a car accident that involves a drunk driver. Some of it might seem like common sense, while others are must-do things that you should not neglect.



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