Christmas Gifts in Case Someone Has a Car Accident

Christmas will be here soon and lots of our families and friends are extremely difficult to buy a Christmas gift for. We have some unique and useful presents to give them. No one wants to receive another crockpot or blender – or YIKES! [Socks] for Christmas.  Why not get them something that they really need in case they have an auto accident?


Many motorists are unprepared for even minor car accidents. There are plenty of anxiety-inducing situations where you could get stuck in a car for hours or days on end. Help your loved ones have peace of mind. Help your loved ones to be prepared – just in case.


No matter what the specific situation may be, they’ll need to have a supply of emergency equipment stored in their car.


If they’re stocked up on the essentials at home, that is great. But the preparation shouldn’t stop there. In addition to stocking up on preparedness supplies at home, you’ll want them to have a bug-out bag stored in their car. In it, make sure they have the following essentials: 

Flashlight – This is needed for so many reasons, that we don’t need to explain this item.

Emergency Flares – These will be used to improve visibility in case of an accident.  Other drivers will be able to see the car alongside the rode and then, hopefully, will reduce their speed.  They’re more than five times brighter than their electric alternatives.

Spare Tire – It’s stupid and dangerous not to have a spare tire.  Some of the newer cars are outfitted with no spare tire in order to save on mileage. That is bad news for all of us.

Wheel Wrench and Tripod Jack – Obviously necessary to change a flat tire.

Cell Phone Charger – Sometimes we “borrow” the cell phone charger for when we go on a trip and forget to replace it back into the car.  Get an extra one for the car and leave it there.

Water Bottles – You never know how long before you can get help.  Water can also be used to cleanse wounds or clean off the windshield for better visibility.

Snacks – Emergency food is essential when one gets stranded on the side of the road or even if you’re just stuck in traffic.  For one thing, it will keep your spirits up.

Warm Clothing – This is wintertime and it’s really bad to be out in the elements with no warm clothes.  It’s possible to get all dressed up for a celebration or a performance and then get stuck in an accident.

Blanket – Again, it’s winter.

First Aid Kit – Because … you never know when you’ll need it.

Emergency Auto Preparedness Checklist

At the end of the day, planning for worst-case scenarios in advance can make the difference between life and death. So, stock the car with the correct emergency gear.

Take this advice into account when planning for the future, and you and your family members will be more likely to thrive.

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