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GERALD K. FUGIT LAW FIRM understands the hardship serious injuries create for oilfield and construction site workers and their families, especially when sever injury prevents a major wage earner from providing for family needs.


Injuries from oilfield and construction accidents can be as devastating as any other type of injury, if not more severe due to the types of jobs that exist in today’s society.


Oilfield and construction sites can be very dangerous indeed. Injuries sustained at these sites can be very disastrous.


However, since the laws are constantly changing, pursing a case on your own is becoming increasingly difficult. Let our oilfield and construction site lawyer what work on your behalf to get the money damages and respect what you deserve for your losses.


Oilfield and construction Injuries are very difficult when navigating the ever-changing laws that surround oilfield and construction injuries or death. It is of utmost importance that you receive all of the money and other compensation you are due. We do an outstanding job of making sure you are properly remunerated.


We can handle worker’s compensation problems.


In Oilfield and Construction problems we have a long proud tradition of representing oilfield and construction injury workers and other employees who have been injured on the job.

Some of the most common oilfield and construction accident cases we handle involves the following:

  • Falling Hazards
  • Unsafe Work Site
  • Scaffolding problems
  • Vehicle Collision
  • Crane Collapse problems
  • Rig Problems
  • Truck Collisions
  • Explosions
  • Alcohol and dope problems 

We stay abreast of changing laws affecting oilfield and construction Injuries and utilize in-depth knowledge of statutes and case laws to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive.

Oilfield and construction Injuries laws are continually changing, and we are always up to date with current laws to ensure that our clients secure the highest possible award for the injury sustained.


If you have been injured in a serous Oilfield and construction injury or any other type of on the job accident, schedule a consultation with the experienced oilfield and construction accident attorney at:  (432) 332-1661


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