Customers’ Feedback


“I hired Mr. Fugit and he is doing a good job.”   Nora Littlejohn


“Hands down this has been the best experience I have ever had with a lawyer and a law firm. My previous experiences with other attorneys – have been dry, short and sometimes yielded unfavorable outcomes. Mr. Fugit never misled me and even told me to hold him to the highest level of accountability of professionalism.”

“Last but not least – his staff are outstanding. They will call you back when they say they will. They can smile and laugh, too. I give Mr. Fugit an A+ infinity with cheese on top.”      Robert Vaughn 


“Gerald helped me through my divorce proceedings. I was lucky to have an easy divorce, but also lucky to find such a great lawyer. In addition to being very understanding, he is also very affordable and a cool guy. I recommend him highly.”   Linda Hodges


“I am very pleased with the service I received from the Law Office of Gerald Fugit. My attorney was professional, kind, and courteous. He was very understanding and helped me through my rough time. My attorney was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I will definitely use him again if applicable.”   Scarlet Rose


Words that describe our experience with Mr. Fugit: Direct, honest, assertive, knowledgeable, and persuasive.”  The Stells


“Thorough and to the point!”   Brent Sharp



“I am a client of Mr. Fugit’s and I am pleased with him as my lawyer. My case was handled intelligently and efficiently. I was always kept informed about my case every step of the way. The staff was always informed and they were helpful and caring! I eternally thank them for their awesome service.”   Ira Sanchez

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