We have government agencies in the United States that address all aspects of the employment relationship. The U.S. Department of Labor audits business regarding how many hours are worked by employees, how they pay the exempt versus non-exempt employees and whether or not overtime compensation has properly been paid.


They’ve instituted laws that specifically target how many hours children are allowed to work and whether or not they are safe and protected if they are employed.

Statutory and regulatory changes will occur over time, which may affect the information you receive.  For the latest information on all laws check this site periodically.
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  • The Wage Theft Epidemic

    Thousands of people nationwide are being cheated out of their paychecks by employers who ignore federal overtime laws. Many workers are unfairly denied overtime pay, from truck drivers, secretaries and nurses to people who work as managers or independent contractors in name only.

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  • If you are a victim of Wage Theft – we will fight for your legal rights.

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