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Will Covid-19 Cause Marriages to Crash & Burn?

Things are not always rosy when people are forced to be in constant contact and to stay inside in close quarters – without any outlets to let off steam.


There has been a rise in people getting divorces all over the world. Will we see an uptick in divorce cases here, too?  There was a rise in divorces after soldiers returned home from battle in World War II because couples realized that they had grown apart.

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Couples therapists agree that strong relationships will grow stronger and closer through the crisis.  Weak couples that lack coping skills will most likely grow weaker and further apart.


Parenting can be a large source of disagreement for many couples. It can create a strain on marriages when mothers and fathers disagree on how to raise the children. It might have been easy to overlook how the opposite parent disciplined their children if people are busy with work and their careers.


It’s quite different if you’re home all of the time. You really begin to notice the disparity when dealing with children. We can add homeschooling to this pressure cooker. It can create a strain on the marriage when parents fundamentally disagree on how long to spend on teaching and how the subjects should be taught.


Lots of red flags can go up.


The financial strains caused by the pandemic can be horrific. Many people have been on layoff.  Lots more have completely lost their jobs. The dollar has been continuously devalued for many years. They say that even with both spouses working – we don’t have the buying power that people had in the seventies.


There’s quite a bit of uncertainty. People can cope with that strain in ways that can threaten the relationship. Even though it may not be the spouse’s fault that they lost a job because of the virus – there still is not enough money floating in to pay all of the bills.


GOBankingRates reveals that 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.  The top reason respondents said they weren’t saving more was because they were living paycheck to paycheck. Nearly 33% said this obstacle was keeping them from saving, and about 20% said a high cost of living prevented them from saving more.


45% of survey respondents said they have $0 in a savings account.


They said that a high cost of living prevented them from saving more. The number one thing respondents said that they need in order to save more money was – if they could make a higher salary.  Rent can take a yuge chunk out of people’s eyes. Some people need to spend up to 45% of their paycheck – just to put a roof over their heads. 


People may begin asking themselves if their current relationship is one they want to continue for the rest of their lives.  Spending significant amounts of time one-on-one, without outside distractions, might make you understand that you got married for all of the wrong reasons.  Or, maybe you just don’t have that much in common anymore.


Distance does not make the heart grow fonder – but, neither does being isolated together at home.


Some people might be incredibly grateful that they have a kind, supportive and hard-working spouse.  Other couples might look at their spouse and determine that they don’t want to spend the future with them.


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